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Know Someone Looking for the Best Job Ever?

International Day 2015

Friday was Haven of Peace Academy’s annual International Day.  I was standing in line at the Lebanese booth, waiting not-so-patiently for my hummus and pita bread and spinach-stuffed pastry, and chatting with the people next to me.  They were a new teacher at HOPAC and his wife, who have only been here a few months, and I asked him how it’s going.

“I love my job here,” he told me.  “I worked at a public school in the States before this, and I used to dread going to work every day.  Now I get up in the morning and can’t wait to get to school.”

No one paid him to make that statement.  In fact, HOPAC gives him nothing but a housing allowance, and I’m certain he is living off of less than he did in the States.  It’s hard to raise support and it’s hard to live in a developing country and sometimes tropical heat is just plain….hard.  But nothing beats the feeling of getting up in the morning and loving your job.

There’s also nothing that beats the feeling of knowing your kids love going to school.  That even if ministry is overwhelming and you miss your mom and the car has a flat tire for the third time in a month–at least your kids love school.  And you know that they are being loved and challenged and stretched intellectually and spiritually.  That’s the amazing gift that HOPAC teachers give us.

Haven of Peace Academy is always looking for teachers who love Jesus and love the nations.  Know anyone I could talk to?  Please put them in touch with us.