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Have you ever wondered what would happen if an entire generation lived out a biblical worldview with no fear and no shame?  The world would be a different place, and that’s what we’re aiming for.

HOPAC is a “missionary” school in two senses of the word.  First, we partner closely with mission organizations to enable the work they are doing in Tanzania and throughout the East Africa region.  It’s an exciting opportunity for us to see what is happening through these ministries.  We hear stories of pastors being trained, women being empowered, children given hope, the sick being healed, and hearts being restored to Christ.  You’ll see evidence of some of this in this magazine.  And we know our role in that is significant, providing the children of these Kingdom-workers an education that equips them for future service anywhere in the world.

But the second part of being a “missionary” school is just as exciting for us.  We have the privilege to witness every single day of the love, grace and omnipotence of our incredible Creator, and to give testimony to our students of what God has done through Jesus Christ.  When we consider that only 30% of our students are coming from expatriate missionary homes, we remember that the majority are going to be making a difference in Tanzania for a long time to come.  In this way, our mission is very much focused on the people of Tanzania, developing the future leaders and difference-makers of this country.  We seek to train all of our students in a biblical worldview, knowing that being equipped in this way will set them up to make this country and the world a better place for God’s glory.

So what would happen if an entire generation fully lived out a biblical worldview?  We hope we get to find out in our lifetime.