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Director’s Welcome

Of all the components that comprise an international school, the one component that makes HOPAC really stand out is our community

We have amazing students, dedicated parents, selfless teachers, a nurturing learning environment, and a campus that exudes a sense of peace.  But the HOPAC community is a defining characteristic of our school.

Whether you are a teacher looking for a new opportunity; a parent or student, either current or hopeful; or an alumnus of Haven of Peace Academy; you are part of this incredible community we call HOPAC.  It really is a place like no other.

You will see throughout this site our vision for the students who pass through our classrooms.  You will see words like “transform”, “serve”, “biblical worldview”, and you will see that we have every intention of realizing that vision.  But there’s a reason that one of our expected student outcomes is that they will be “selfless”, because only in true community can we fully embrace who we are in Christ and who we are called to be to others.

Are you considering joining this community?  Or perhaps you’re already part of it and you’re looking for ways to be more involved?  Either way, we welcome you to join us in being “a school community committed to learning to live fully and to transforming our world with the Gospel.”