future staff

Why choose HOPAC?

Because you will see true Christian education in action

“What I love about HOPAC is that I can teach students from a Biblical worldview. Not only am I able to incorporate God and the Bible into core subjects like reading, maths and science, but I can also teach them lifelong skills such as leadership through a Godly point of view. As a teacher, it is also a wonderful privilege to be able to pray with students over their needs and concerns”

-primary teacher-


Because you will experience fulfillment in how God has wired you

“God has given me gifts of teaching and leadership, and I love the opportunities I have to speak life into students through these gifts. Because of HOPAC, I am able to do this in a way that brings Him glory, brings others joy and excitement and brings me peace and fulfillment. We all have our giftings, and we are all called to use those for God’s glory and to serve Him fully.” –



Because you will facilitate students stepping into opportunity while serving a much wider community

“You can live in Dar es Salaam and not see what we at HOPAC see. You can visit Dar and only see something of the city or hear parts of the story. Being at HOPAC has opened my eyes to see communities around us that have great potential. I get to visit with Heads of schools and talk about their students and how we can serve them. I see children in the quarry who maybe one day will be great football players of our country. I see HOPAC students make choices to help children go to school who otherwise couldn’t. Every week I see our students, grow, love on others, share, give and make new friendships. At HOPAC, I see two worlds collide because of love.”

-Service Learning Coordinator-


Because you will experience authentic community through diversity

“One of the things I love about HOPAC is its diversity. My children are in a classroom with friends and teachers from all over the world so they are continually learning about and celebrating the diversity of cultures represented here. I love that, beginning already in Kindergarten, the kids have Swahili class where they learn not only language, but culture as well. My son (grade 3) is now able to go into the shop and buy fruit and vegetables for me in Kiswahili. My daughter (KG) is able to greet, make basic sentences and identify animals, food, and so much more in Kiswahili. What a blessing to be able to engage with the community around us because of what they are learning at HOPAC!”

-HOPAC Parent-


Because you will be part of the transformation that is happening among our students

“Hopac is my home! Teachers and faculty go out of their way to ensure HOPAC students are not only taught well but are supported both emotionally and spiritually. HOPAC is a community, a family, but more importantly … It’s God’s gift to Tanzania !”

-HOPAC student-


Because there is incredible work happening through the missionaries you will support

““Because of HOPAC, many more missionary families have chosen to serve here in Dar es Salaam. That means pastors, medical workers, and national missionaries are being trained, unreached people groups are hearing the gospel, and the Bible is being translated into tribal languages all throughout Tanzania….just because of HOPAC.”

-HOPAC parent-