Future Staff

How we "do" school

We want to see HOPAC become a school community committed to learning to live fully and to transforming our world with the Gospel

What we value

We follow Christ


We are a Christian international school staffed by Christians who are called by God to serve at the school and who uphold our Statement of Faith.

We partner with missions to enable missions


We enable the work of evangelical Christian missionary organisations by partnering with them to provide affordable high-quality international education, taught through a Biblical worldview to children of their members.

We provide high quality and value


This opportunity for receiving a high-quality education is extended to other children in Tanzania, for students from Kindergarten through Grade 12.

We look to the future


We equip students to be biblically-grounded leaders who will play a key role in the development of Tanzania and other countries around the world.

We exhibit leadership and stewardship through service


We exercise responsible biblical leadership, service and stewardship of all God has given us, and seek to instil a proper respect for these practices in the hearts of our students.

We live out our biblical mandate


We maintain an environment for students, teachers, staff and parents that recognizes all people are created and valued by God, encourage them to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and challenge them to look beyond themselves to serve others.

We teach wholly, meeting the needs of students on every level – academic, spiritual, physical, social and emotional – so that they are equipped to make a difference in the world around them as disciples of Christ. You can read our full Philosophy of Education statement here.

The culture we aim to cultivate

We are intentional


We seek to be proactive and purposeful in decisions on all school functions – curriculum, events, operations and personnel.

We are collegial


We recognize the value of staff working together in collaboration for the betterment of the whole school.

We are professional


We are committed to performing at the highest standard – in communication, using best practices, setting goals and measuring results.

We are missional-minded


We know that we have a mission field right here on campus while understanding that these students will be the ones to go out and make a difference in the world.

We are culturally aware


We appreciate the cultural differences that make us one school, recognizing the need for understanding and valuing one another.

We expect excellence


We set high standards and there is an expectation that our students and staff will achieve those.

We are relational


We know that transformational ministry happens in the context of relationship and we value these relationships – with students, staff, parents, community and government leaders – in creating a healthy school environment within our community.

We live up to our name


We ensure that all community members understand that our school is a place where they are accepted, respected, loved and challenged - a haven of peace.

Our mission is to provide an excellent, Christ-centered, international education that meets the highest academic standards and equips students to live out a biblical worldview in all areas of life to the glory of God.

We expect all our students will become:



(Philippians 4:8), pursuing truth with an attitude of humility and integrity, in order to develop a desire for lifelong learning;



(Galatians 6:9), evidencing consistent growth in fulfilling academic potential as demonstrated through skills of reading, writing, mathematical and analytical thought;



(Ephesians 2:10), applying an increasing vocabulary of words, emotions and techniques to an expanding diversity of life circumstances, and demonstrating abilities of self-expression and of understanding contextual communication;



(1 Timothy 4:12), showing initiative, responsibility and leadership to apply biblically-grounded solutions to life challenges;



(Ephesians 4:2-3), recognizing the role each member plays in effective community and serving others compassionately and in unity;



(1 Peter 3:15), understanding the implications of a biblical worldview, while identifying and engaging competing worldviews, so as to see how Gospel truth can challenge and redeem individuals and culture;



(2 Corinthians 5:17), displaying maturity and confidence in self-identity in Christ; and



(1 Peter 2:12), seeking to live a life modeled by Christ – reliant on the Father, saturated by the Holy Spirit, and life-changing in interactions with others.