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Service Learning

The Service Learning Program is an essential part of our curriculum at Haven of Peace Academy. Service is close to God’s heart and is necessary in shaping our lives and our communities. It is another way we equip our students to live out a biblical worldview and to live fully for Christ.

As a school, we are blessed to have a variety of wonderful resources available to our staff and students and we believe it is part of our stewardship to share these resources with those in our community and our neighbors. Because Service Learning is part of the school curriculum, we expect all students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 to be involved in serving the community in some way. We do this through our weekly service programmes where Middle and Senior school students interact with our different community partners.

We have been doing Service Learning as a school for over 12 years now. We started by just visiting one local school and our desire was to start a relationship interacting with their students through different educational activities. We have grown to partner with seven local schools since then. Our school is uniquely placed in the Sala Sala community where we get to visit the children in the quarry as well as allow them to use our campus for different sporting activities.


We also have our annual Service Emphasis Week where the whole school from Kindergarten to Grade 12 spend a week in and around Dar er Salaam serving in schools, hospitals, orphanages, or partnering with NGOs or Mission Organisations.

We have seen our own students and teachers being transformed through our Service Learning program. We see growth in their understanding of God’s love for others, in the giving of their talents, and an increased awareness of the needs around us with the desire to do something about it. Our community partners see the love of God in action through our students and teachers. Some get opportunities to experience learning in different ways. Others are blessed by our students showing that someone cares.

To learn more about our Service Learning programme take a look at this short video