future parents & students


HOPAC is determined to develop students who will become transformational leaders across the region.


We are convinced that leadership skills can be learnt, refined and developed and want to ensure that HOPAC students leave the school with the skills they need to cope with the complex demands of 21st Century life in a rapidly evolving international culture.

Our students must move on with the ability to communicate effectively and to work independently. We want them to possess resilience, initiative, determination, persistence and selflessness. They must have the ability to lead with strength and sensitivity.

Academic grades will open up the doors of opportunity, but skills, character and integrity are needed to be able to seize the opportunities on offer and succeed in a sustainable and effective way.

Our goal at HOPAC is to equip each one of our students to be a highly effective leader – whether in business, politics, the UN or the Church. As well as providing students with the training required to cultivate their leadership skills, we provide them with opportunities to practise and refine their abilities.  Some students serve on the Student Council, others serve as House Captains and others help to coordinate the Service Emphasis Week.

All students in Grade 9 and Grade 10 attend a weekly class on Leadership, where they study the characteristics of great leaders. In addition, leadership skills are developed, including public speaking, listening skills, time management, team building and motivation.

Age appropriate leadership opportunities are available throughout the school, so that all students have the chance to learn leadership through serving others.