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Christian Life

As a Christian school, HOPAC seeks to glorify God in every aspect of life.


We value each student whether they are a follower of the Christian faith or not. We maintain that God created all and each person deserves to be loved and respected on that basis.

At HOPAC we recognise the importance of spiritual support for both our staff and students. Our Chaplaincy Department is responsible for overseeing the spiritual direction of the school and the support of both staff and students on their faith journey.

Chaplaincy team

Led by the School Chaplain and assisted by the Student Discipleship Coordinator, Primary, Middle & Senior School have appointed Student Chaplains, and in addition to these a number of our staff and other students participate in implementing and leading our Chaplaincy department initiatives and programs.

School theme

Each year HOPAC selects a spiritual theme to inspire and encourage the whole school community for that year. This year our School Theme is entitled “We Are Family.”  This theme captures what we are, and aspire to be: a community that meaningfully shares life, and together impacts the lives of those around us.

In order to be this kind of family, we need to have a high view of each other’s needs. An inspiring passage from the Bible is Philippians 2:3-4 which says, Do nothing from selfish ambition or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves. Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.






School Assemblies

Every Monday morning Primary, Middle and Senior School gather for their school assemblies, which is akin to Chapel. We have a time of worship and a short message relevant to our students lives, along with notices for our various school activities. Primary School have two additional assemblies throughout the school week.

Prayer Initiatives

We place a high value on personal and corporate prayer. Our Prayer Room is a great resource for encouraging and facilitating prayer throughout the HOPAC community. Throughout the school day you will often find both students and staff in the Prayer Room, praying, worshipping and reading the Bible.

In addition there are student led prayer gatherings and worship times that take place each week. Our Staff also meet corporately each week for prayer and devotions.

We also host parent prayer groups, prayer walks, days of prayer, and prayer times for missionaries in the area to come together to pray over the city of Dar es Salaam and country of Tanzania.

Mentor Groups

In Middle School each student is assigned to a Mentor Group that consists of 4-6 students. Led by a member of staff, this is a program to better support students. Groups meet weekly providing opportunities for students to share and talk about any issues of life and to build relationships with one another.

Discipleship Groups

These are provided through Middle & Senior School. They are led by staff members or members of the HOPAC community. Students who desire to grow in their faith are welcome to join these groups.

Other Initiatives

Senior School students have the opportunity to attend sexual purity events such as Moral Revolution, Girl Talk & the “Conquer Series”. These have proved to be a great success in equipping our students to make better life choices when it comes to sexual purity.

We partner closely with Young Life Africa to provide a monthly event for our middle school students (Wyldlife Club) and weekly events for our senior school students (Young Life Club). Both of these are fun events with lots of activities and often food, giving the students opportunity to socialise together and to hear the Gospel in a relational way.

In addition to this we have two annual events for Senior School: “The Seeking”, which is an overnight event for prayer, worship and inspired teaching; and Young Life Camp, which is a weekend away at Highlands Camp in Morogoro.