current parents & students

Life after HOPAC

At HOPAC, teachers, students and parents work as a team to equip students to apply to the best university that will suit them academically, financially, and socially. Students discover where in the world (literally) they would like to study. While the majority of students study in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada, every year we have students going to other countries as well such as Netherlands, South Africa, Australia, Mauritius, South Korea, Germany and others. Students have been able to attain places at leading colleges and universities around the world including Oxford University, Yale, Stanford, Columbia and the University of Pennsylvania.

Students work closely with the Academic Counselor and College Counselor to prepare for ACT/SAT testing, English Proficiency testing and essay writing. This preparation along with encouraged involvement in HOPAC’s service-learning, leadership, sports, and/or arts help students to not only present themselves well to a wide range of universities around the world but helps to develop HOPAC students into well-rounded people with gifts and interests outside of just academics.

Parents – you are a vital part of the team! You will be asked to meet with the college counselor a few times in the end of Grade 11 and beginning of Grade 12. Please make an effort to be part of the meetings so together we can best direct and support your students. Yes, a large part of the work is up to your students, but you are still their parents; your voice is vital in the decisions. Encourage and pray for your children, be involved, ask questions, come to their events and cheer them on.