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Frequently Asked Questions

All items in the school uniform are purchased through Toto Junction.

However, there is some remaining stock of uniforms which can be purchased at the school admin office.

Havenly Bites (the Snack Bar) is managed and contracted to a catering company. Students may purchase an “Everyday” or “Three Days per Week” meal plan. The Everyday plan is approximately 110,000 TSH per month, but usually paid by term. Contact the school to be connected to the caterer for detailed information.

Monday – Friday: 7:15 am to 4:00 pm

Grade Books Video/DVD Magazine Audio
00(K) 1 only.
01-02 2 for 1 week 1 for 1 week 3 for 1 week 1 for 1 week
03 3 for 1 week 1 for 1 week 3 for 1 week 1 for 1 week
04-05 4 for 1 week 1 for 1 week 3 for 1 week 1 for 1 week
06-12 5 for 2 weeks 1 for 1 week 3 for 1 week 1for 1 week
Parents 10 3 3 3

Parents can borrow books from the library when they have signed a contract and be registered in the library system.

Please note: Fines do apply for any material that is returned late.

The U.K. National Curriculum (NC) framework is used as the basis for the Programme of Study for Grades K-8 (Key Stages 1-3).

UK US Equivalent
Key Stage 1 Years R – 2 Grades K – 1
Key Stage 2 Years 3 – 6 Grades 2 – 5
Key Stage 3 Years 7 – 9 Grades 6 – 8
Key Stage 4 Years 10 & 11 Grades 9 & 10
Key Stage 5 Years 12 & 13 Grades 11 & 12

For senior school (Grades 9-12), we use the Cambridge International programme of study for IGCSE and A level coursework and students sit the IGCSE and A Level exams.

All levels are supplemented by various coursework – such as Bible, Service Learning, PE, life skills, IT – that is adapted to our local context and developed internally.

Yes, but times may vary. Please check the Newsletter before the end of term to see when the office will be open.

Please make sure you let the school know of any absences by emailing us through If you know your child will be absent in advance, please inform the school as soon as possible so as work may be arranged if necessary. If your child is marked absent in homeroom at the start of the day and we have not not been informed that they are expected to be absent we will contact the parent/guardian. All students who arrive late to campus must sign in at Admin before going to class.

Please see the Weekly Newsletter for Open Swim Times. The pool may be open during the holidays but, again, please check the Newsletter before the end of term.

Plan on the pool possibly closing 15 minutes earlier than posted times.

NOTE that all students below Grade 9 MUST be with a parent/guardian and dates are subject to changes if the pool is needed for an event.

Please inform the school as soon as possible. For safety reasons, your child is expected to wait at the Admin building to be collected.


At the end of Terms 1 and 3, you will be invited to meet with your child’s teacher to discuss his or her progress.  Of course, you are welcome to communicate with teachers either through email or in person as needed throughout the year.



Throughout the year, parents are invited to meet with teachers for a face-to-face update on their child’s progress.  These usually happen once in Term 1 and once in either Term 2 or 3, depending on the grade.  Consultations dates are set at the beginning of term and communicated to parents via email or the weekly newsletter.  The exact times of consultations will be set in the week or two preceding the consultation day through communication from the principal. Of course, parents are welcome to contact teachers directly at any time of the year.



In senior school an afternoon is set aside for parents to meet with the subject teachers to discuss the progress of their son or daughter. There are 2 in the year, one in middle of Term 1 and another towards the end of Term 2.


At the end of Terms 1 and 3, you will receive full reports that include your child’s progress in all subjects.  At the end of Term 2, you will receive a brief report that gives you abbreviated information on your child’s levels.



Student reports are produced three times a year, at the end of each term.  These are printed and sent home usually on the last day of term. In addition, students receive a Term 1 mid-term report which is sent home around mid-term break.  At any time, parents may monitor their child’s academic progress via PlusPortals.



There are Midterm (in October) and End of Term (in December) progress reports sent out in Term 1 . If your child is in Grade 10, 11 or 12 they receive a combined report for Term 2 and Term 3 in May while Grade 9 students receive separate progress reports for Term 2 (March) and 3 (June).

International Day comes at the end of our school PAMOJA week during term 1. Each day in PAMOJA week will be assigned a theme, students come dressed up in accordance with the day’s theme (e.g. Superhero, Pajama, Colour Explosion). Along with the costumes there are games and activities that take place during breaks.

International Day happens on the Friday at the end of PAMOJA week. This is an occasion when we celebrate our diversity. Emails will go out in the weeks before, asking parents to volunteer to set up a food or an information booth about the country they are from. Parents representing the same country then join together to run these booths. Families are welcome.  International Day is a highlight of our year!

Service Emphasis Week (SEW) is always an exciting, fun- filled week and our campus is abuzz with activities. Students, teaching, non- teaching staff and our volunteers all spend this week serving in and around our city. While there are no normal classes students are expected to attend each day. As a school, we get to see our city, we get to love our city and we get to give of our time, our resources and share our school with others in our community. We partner mostly with other schools as well as missions or other organizations who are making a difference in our city. Our whole school including Primary School gets to participate.

During the school year there is a competition to come up with a theme for SEW week and then a matching logo. For example this one from 2017:


Yes! Our Primary students work hard for their class-led assembly, parents are encouraged to come and be a supportive audience.

If you have further questions, do not hesitate to email to learn more